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Royal AM Chief Executive Officer, Sinky Mnisi, has labelled as ‘fake news’ an earlier report that quoted him as saying Royal AM will not be attending a PSL Disciplinary Committee hearing scheduled for Saturday.

“I might have spoken to someone off the record,” Mnisi told another publication, TimesLive.

The story had was already trending on social media when Mnisi made the claim. Farpost, the popular media outlet that quoted Mnisi, is usually very reliable when it comes to its stories. However, Mnisi insisted he could not have told anyone that Royal AM was not going to attend the hearing as he does not have Twitter or WhatsApp.

“I said last week‚ and I will repeat what I said‚ that we will subject ourselves to the processes of the PSL. And it still stands. Obviously, our legal team will deal with the matter.  That is it‚ period,” Mnisi is quoted by TimesLive as having said.

So barring another ‘fake news’ episode, Royal AM will attend the PSL DC hearing tomorrow where they will face the music for not playing all of their Promotion/Relegation playoffs matches.