Royal AM FC owner, Shawn Mkhize and her chairman Andile Mpisane have been charged by the PSL for incidents that showed them handling cash on the field of play. A video showed the Royal AM officials trying to give players wads of cash. PSL prosecutor, Nande Becker confirmed the charges.

“The club has been charged, the officials involved have also been charged. The club has also been charged for failing to provide adequate security in that it allowed a pitch intrusion or invasion after the match,” Becker explained in response to media questions.

The video went viral and caused all sorts of debates, ranging from the payment methods used right up to the intervention of the South African Revenue Services. As far as the league is concerned, Shawn Mkhize and her son will have to answer for their latest actions at a hearing set for the 14th of October.

“The club has also been charged with the players not leaving their changing room timorously to start the match. And I think the final one was they had 10 match balls and said it was 11 match balls. The club’s COVID-19 officer has also been charged because he failed to ensure that club officials wore protective masks at all necessary times,” the PSL prosecutor announced. The PSL has very strict COVID-19 protocols.

The Mkhize’s have incorporated their running of the club into a reality show that airs on a DSTV channel. DSTV is also the main sponsor of the league that is now being brought into disrepute by Royal AM’s television antics.

There was no immediate official reaction to the charges by Royal AM who recently went all the way to the Supreme Court in a case against the South African Football Association. There is no doubt that the drama has only just begun.